The photos in the main image rotator have been submitted by YB's or taken myself. I try to rotate them as often as I can, and it is important that YB's continue to submit new pics so that they stay updated fresh. If you see yourself and your name is not mentioned, please send me a note.
These are the current photos in rotation, there have been others, there will be more... There is no rhyme ro reason to why I picked them other than someone asked me to, or they were fresh from a recent event. If anyone objects to their name or likeness on the site, please say so.

Bill Mearns and his guitar at the 2019 Jamaica Campout
Bill Cusack and John Shields at the 2019 Wheels in the Field
Brad Barrus riding to the 2014 Damn Yankee's Rally
YB's Ed Tuck, Joe Avin, James Sanders and Dave Berger at the 2014 MOA National Rally
YB Dwight Nevins.
YB Andy Morse at Damn Yankees 2014.
YB Patrick Mullen.
Damn Yankees 2014. YB's Doug Morrison and Peter Monroe
YB's Karl Renneker and Wallace French
YB Doug Mo leading a ride from Damn Yankees 2014
Lime Rockz Rally 2012
Lime Rockz Rally 2012. YB's Jack Phelps, Bob Pipes, Roy Bertalotto, Joe Avin and more
Former YB Marc Waegemann recruiting at Max BMW
Former YB Bruce Ferguson and his Beautiful Blue Roadster
Boxer Shorts Rally at Snow Farm. YB Moe Lazarro
YB John Shields
John Shields at the RA Rally in Pownal Vt
Steam rising over the hills in Western New York
YB's John Van Hook, Brent Massey, Christian, Lou and company at the Lime Rockz Rally
YB Brad Barrus's Airhead at the Lime Rockz Rally
YB's Bill Cusack, Roy Bertalotto, Don LaPierre, Victor Cruz and company at the BMW MOA National Rally in Bloomsburg
Damn Yankees Rally 2014
YB's Dana Lewis, Dwight Nevins and company, down by the river...
YB Moe Lazarro dapper as ever at the YB Holiday Party 2014
YB Ex Presidents at the YB Holiday Party 2014
YB's Paul Charette, Brian Anderson, Nelson, Ken Springhetti , John Shields, and friends riding around CT